An Island Too Small To Sprawl

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Leading Architect Richard Rogers has warned against changes to Britain’s planning policy, fearing that it could create areas of Los Angeles style ‘sprawl’.

Echoing the concerns of the NPPF’s main opponents, he remarks:

“If the framework is not improved it will lead to the breakdown and fragmentation of cities and neighbourhoods as well as the erosion of the countryside”

In calling for both the city and the countryside to be conserved, he goes on to say:

“We need well-run cities that are well built, well connected, compact and with good transport,” he said. “If you allow builders to spread out to new sites they will need new roads, schools and hospitals. Suburbs and sprawl are much more energy intensive.”

Timbertecs promotes thorough, futureproof design and planning. It maintains that construction and conservation need not be irreconcilable. Through our work in promoting excellence in the built environment, we hope to see a more accessible but robust future for planning in the UK.

Read Richard Rogers' interview with the Times here (£)

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