New Home Sales Surge

Posted on November 8, 2011 by Tim Bertec There have been 0 comments

With weekly private sales up 19% year on year since the beginning of September, Persimmon’s sales are 35% more than a year ago.

Their ‘FirstBuy’ shared equity customers were also up 35%, and they are sold out for this year.  Having opened 63 new sites they also have some 7% more pre-sales - £460m - for 2012 and expect to sell 9,300 homes this year.

On this basis it looks very much as though confidence may be returning to the new homes market.  Time for Self Builders and smaller House Builders to dust off those plans and get building again.

Timbertecs Eco Design can help them with example timber frame designs, drawings and documents for planning and building regulation dsicussion and applications.

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