Timber frame houses – spot the tell-tale differences

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Surveys of timber frame houses...

... is the latest TRADA Technology Wood Information Sheet to be updated for ease of downloading online.

This Wood Information sheet (WIS)

... offers guidance for building surveyors and professionals in the construction industry who may need to survey timber framed houses. It will give them an understanding of the overall design and typical detailing employed in this form of construction.

Surveyors - Take Care!

The approach to surveying a timber framed house is no different to that used for other methods of construction.

There are many similarities with brick and block construction that can make timber framed houses hard to spot, but there are also tell-tale differences.

The Wood Information Sheet

... concentrates on details where timber frame construction differs enough from masonry to suggest specific checks. It covers:

  • Confirming timber frame construction
  • Detailed inspection
  • Measuring the moisture content of external wall panels
  • General structural integrity
  • Structural insulated panel systems

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