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Building regulations are sets of legal construction standards that must be conformed to, when building in the UK. Building regulations have been introduced to ensure health and safety of people in or about buildings.


Building Regulations - Who Governs them? 

Your Local Authority Building Control Department is in charge of Building Regulations. Your local authority building control will have a team of trained, qualified and experienced surveyors who will inspect building drawings and potentially will inspect your site, whilst building to ensure these standards are adhered to.

Planning Permission, Building Regs - What’s the difference?

Planning permission applications are based on the appearance of your structure, whereas a building regulation application is based on structural aspects of your structure. These two applications are completely separate.

So, when is building regulation approval required?

Most construction projects that need building reg approval fall under the following headings:

  • Erection/installation of a new structure or extension - for example loft extension/conversion, house extension, new build house.
  • Changes in usage to an existing structure and/or structural alterations to an existing building. For example changing a house to a block of flats, a shop to house and/or knocking down of walls, underpinning etc.
  • New windows - addition of double glazing for example
  • Changing your boiler
  • Drainage modifications - provision of new drainage to the proposed extension or modification of drainage facilities e.g. providing a toilet under the stairs.

Guides to Building Regulations

It is possible to buy guide books to help you understand Building regulations history and how these have progressively developed from local municipal building regs to become the national building regulations of the UK. In these you will learn something, but probably not everything, about the myriad of parts and sections that these now cover, for example Part I building regs, or Building regulations part I, Free building regulations, Building regulation a, Building regulations b, Building regulation certificates and so on. But such Building regulations guide books will not be of much help in addressing the calculations for SAP ratings, or Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s) that are now required to be submitted with applications for your new building to gain Building Regulation Approval.

Engineered Timber Structures and the National Building Regulations

While engineering calculations are required for most structures, each method has its particular characteristics, performance considerations, and methods of design and application. As the name suggests, TimberTecs is perhaps best suited than most professional design services to provide the level of knowledge necessary – and at a price you really can afford.


UK Building Regulation Services from Timbertecs 

  • Building Regulation Application 

As LABC Partners Timbertecs can handle your building regs application. Please send us your planning drawings (Via post or email) for a FREE no obligation estimate.

  • Building Regulation Drawings

Timbertecs have developed a standardised application with LABC, which can be adapted to your project. Making the application process as smooth and trouble free.

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