Eco Home Plans & Designs for Builders & Self Builders

Whether you want individual sustainable ‘green’ eco house plans, or floor plans and elevation drawings for complete environmentally friendly ‘Code for Sustainable Homes’ housing developments of truly sustainable energy saving eco-homes, you can’t do better than instruct TimberTecs to take care of it all for you.

Designing Homes for Your Preferred Construction Methods

As the name implies, TimberTecs Design grew out of the needs of the Benfield ATT Group for a full service architectural facility to provide building designs, plan drawings, engineering, town & country planning, manufacturing blueprints, and related consultancy facilities in house for its own timber frame projects.

This also meant working with ‘wet’ build foundations, concrete, bricks, blocks, steel and a range of other materials needed, or to be connected to. 

Timbertecs Eco-Design for All Building Methods

Thus we are equally ‘at home’ designing for masonry and all other building types. As Chartered Building Consultants and Surveyors we are fully versed in all of these and will be happy to discuss what is most appropriate for your project.

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