Guide to Building Design

House Plans Online

Before even starting to think about your house plans and design, it is a good idea to spend a little time looking over other people’s ideas. You can find plenty in magazines and even on-line. Take a look in our Gallery of designs as a starting point.

Designing from Scratch

Then, if you are considering designing your home from scratch, or making building alterations to any of our standard home designs, please keep in mind this information. If you use this guide to help you create a VERY rough preliminary sketch or doodle, this will provide us with a starting point to help us better understand your thoughts and house design ideas .

Your Rough Sketches

When you are satisfied that your sketches fully convey just what you want, for a relatively small cost Timbertecs Eco-Design can turn these into ‘submission ready’ detailed design drawings for you to apply for both planning permission and building regulation approval. Rather than worry and sweat about complying with all the rules and regulations, let TimberTecs take the strain.

House Plans Free

While you can view, and maybe even copy or download Architects house plans, in almost all cases they will be subject to the designers copyright. Since it is a criminal offence to steal the intellectual property in a design made by someone else, do this and use them at your peril.  You may not get found out, but if you do it could be very, very costly. 

Your Own Designs Needed

But the reality, as pointed out in ‘House Designs’, is that what you will want for your house and to suit your site is unlikely to be satisfied by most designs done for other people elsewhere UNLESS they are modified – probably quite significantly.

Scan for Design Ideas

So the lesson is to scan other people’s work for ideas, then take these, maybe with all sorts of your own scribbles over them, to the house designer of your choice to get your own special plans drawn up.

Risk Free House Builder / Developer Plans

There are some exceptions to this, as for example in the Llamedos Standard Developer Plans offered by the Benfield ATT group.  If you buy one of these units then the cost of the plans is already built into the price you pay for the timber frame kit.  

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