Types of Planning Permission

There are a number of different types of planning which you can apply for. For most people it will be a choice of two:

Outline Planning Permission

Many people choose to make an Outline Planning Application. This type of application allows the Local Planning Authority to agree to the building in principal. It is often used to add value to land without restricting the type of build too much. In many cases the land is then sold on at a profit for development. Gaining any form of planning permission on your land will usually increase its value.

In essence Outline Planning basically says ‘Yes’ we will let you build here but we will want more information before hand. The advantage of this is that detailed drawings are not needed however if you are intending to build you will need to ask for approval of the details before any construction work can start. (See Reserved Matters)

Outline Planning is essentially a way of ‘testing the water’ to see if using the land to build is viable it will usually be granted with a view that details will be confirmed further down the line. Outline Planning Permission does not give you permission to start to build.


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Full Planning Permission / Detailed Planning Permission

Full Planning or Detailed Planning Permission is used to grant all aspects of the build. The drawings and information submitted is much more detailed than when applying for Outline Planning.

For a Full Planning Application you will need to submit detailed drawings. Gaining full planning means that you can go ahead and build to the plans you have submitted however once you have full planning permission you should stick to the plans you have submitted.

Any alterations made once full planning has been given may affect the planning decision and will hold up the build process. If you do decide to alter your plans in any way you should contact your Local Planning Authority immediately failure to do so could result in you having to take the structure down.

Full planning is usually granted with conditions as long as you comply with these it should be relatively plain sailing from then on. However if there are any special conditions that you must comply with it is worth making sure everyone involved is made aware of these. Always double check drawings and alterations conform to these stipulations before signing them off.

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Other Types Of Planning Permission

Planning Approval of Reserved Matters

This kind of application is made after full planning or outline planning is granted. There may have been some conditions on the full planning application that you have now complied with and need authorisation for or you may now have the necessary details for full planning after an outline planning application.

Renewal of Planning Permission

Planning permission is often granted with a time limit imposed on it. If for some reason you do not complete your build before this date you will have to reapply. Be warned however, that due to the nature of the planning process if you do allow the planning application to time out you may not necessarily gain planning for the same building later down the line.


Timbertecs Top Tip!

Set yourself timescales through your build and stick to them, dragging your project out will cost you more money and give you much more stress. Don’t fall into the trap of holding your project up unnecessarily make sure you are contactable throughout your build.


Renewing your planning permission is usually fairly straightforward and in most cases will be granted. However, remember the application will now be viewed against the most recent planning policies not those that were originally in place at the time of the first application.

For up to date advice contact our planning experts.

For more information on planning click here

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