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While a number of our house plans are available for you to see on-line, most of our work tends to be for ‘bespoke’ home designs, or ‘custom’ houses plans.

This is because houses – and indeed all forms of building – are subject to site specific requirements. 

These may come via the local planning officer, or the neighbours. They may be dictated by the shape and slope of the site, the orientation required for the building, and the surroundings.  This is particularly so if trees or hedgerows have to be preserved, or nearby buildings need consideration, or maybe some special view needs to be taken advantage of.  

British House Plans

These can be traditional in nature, or follow the lines of the more modest Georgian house plans.  There has also been a revival of interest in Victorian house plans.  In both cases these have sometimes been to fit in with neighbouring properties, sometimes as a small infill development, or possibly even a major architectural house ‘make over’.

However, whatever the period house style, and whether it is executive 5, 6 and more bedroom luxury house plans that clients want, or the more modest 2, 3 and 4 bedroom house plans. Possibly for down-sizing, many clients are opting for contemporary house plans for their floor layouts.  Modern house plans like this tend to have fairly large ‘living room kitchens’ after the floor plans that have been popular in Australia and North America.

‘Foreign’ House Plans

As with the near limitless aesthetic variations referred to under ‘House Designs’ above, there is effectively no restriction on the type of timber frame house plans that we can provide.
This is perhaps understandable since 90+% of new houses built in developed countries are timber framed, And timber has a long, long tradition of being used for houses in many other countries.
Whether you are looking for American house plans, with maybe that ‘Old Colonial’ style, Australian house plans built on stilts with wide verandas in maybe the nostalgic Queensland style, or Scandinavian house plans with their classical and timeless colourful ‘clapboard’ sidings, or external timber claddings, that are also reminiscent of New England homes.
All are available.  All are possible. All are in our bag of tools for designing, drawing, presenting and creating the blueprints for the building house plans that you have in mind. 

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