Timber Frame House Plans

Architectural Timber Frame Technologists

Timber Frame Wall with Brick cladding

Although, as Architectural Technologists / Technicians (ASI) and Chartered Building Consultants (CIOB), we can and do carry out work with all forms and methods of construction, we have particular specialisations and competencies in Timber Frame.

Whether it is new build, extension, conversion or renovation work, we cover it. 

Advanced Timber Technology Specialists

As the ‘ATT’ of the Benfield ATT Group implies we are specialists in the use and application of Advanced Timber Technology.  .

Working with Architects, other Designers, Surveyors, Engineers, Project Managers and other construction professionals, our job is to ensure that what is designed can be manufactured ‘Off-Site’ for building on-site in the application of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC). 

Types of Timber Frame

While most UK timber frame house plans and other buildings are well suited to one or other forms of panelised, platform timber frame methods, we are equally at home working with freeform glulam structures, traditional green oak, post and beam, Tradical Hemcrete, or any manner of other hybrid construction systems & methods.

Timber Frame House Types

There really is no limit to the type of house you can build in timber frame. 
Or to the aesthetic appearance you can achieve.
While timber can be used as a wonderfully warm and rich material in itself, the expression ‘Timber Frame’ means just that.  The frame; is the structural element providing support for the whole structure of the building. Even when clad with bricks or stone, it is the timber frame that holds these elements up and in place.

Timber Frame Appearance

So whether you, your architect  – or the planners – want a traditional brick or stone outer appearance with slate or tiled roof, whether they are looking for modern house plans with render, or some form of timber, marble, terracotta, aluminium or plastic facing, maybe with ribbed metal or shingle roofing, or whether what you want is a thoroughly futuristic appearance with, say, lots of glass, glazed or mirrored effect walls and ‘green’ sedum or grass roofing, timber frame is probably your answer.

Designs in Timber Frame

Before starting work on your dream house plans you will have had to decide on how big, what shape and how many floors you want it to be,

Are these plans to be Bungalow house plans, Dormer Bungalow house ;plans, 1½ storey house plans, semi-detached house plans, plans for a terrace of houses, or a block of flats, or what?

Universal Timber Frame

Of course they may equally be plans for a block of offices, a nursery or school building, village hall plans, a sports pavilion, a care home, shops, a factory, or even a visitor centre.

Timber frame is in fact suitable for any type or use of building up to 6 or 7 storeys high.  Using ‘massive wood’ timber panels at least one 11 storey block of flats has been bult in London, and another of 25 floors is on the drawing board.

Choosing an Architect / Designer 

Understandably, many people turn to an Architect or other building designer when it comes to designing their new home.

However, while this can be a costly process, there is no guarantee that you will get what you want - or what the Planning & Building authorities for your area will accept .

House Plans

Designing With You

We believe that your house or other building plans should be designed with you, not for you.

After all you’re the person who has to live there, occupy it, or rent it out..

Creating your house plan might seem like a daunting task but when you break it down and strip back the process, house design is an excellent way to start, esepcailly for Self Builders.

Putting Your House Plan Ideas On Paper

We find that putting your initial ideas onto paper really starts to bring your home to life and gets you thinking about the way in which you will use the space you create.

House Designs

I can’t draw my House Plan!

Yes you can!

It really isn’t rocket science, building plans are as familiar to you as the proverbial back of your hand. You use them everyday and you know what sort of design layouts work and which do not.

To get you started the timbertecs team have created a quick and easy DIY House Design Guide to help you make your house plan a reality.

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