Cost of Hiring a Project Manager

How Much Will Hiring A Project Manager Cost?

On Site Project Management

Well that depends on where you are located, how complicated the building is, and how much you want us to do for you.  All of this needs to be discussed with you in arriving at a fee structure and cost that is acceptable to both of us.

Initial Costs

Our menu of Project Management Services includes ‘preliminary’ and ‘set up’ operations like:-

Comprehensive Project Management Bar Chart / GANNT Chart

  • Checking drawings and details against permissions and for ‘Build-ability’ before work commences
  • Materials Take-Off
  • Initial & on-going CDM Controller duties (should start at time of appointing architect / designer)
  • Preparing Project Programme and agreeing this with all concerned
  • Setting out / checking the setting out of others
  • Supplier & Contractor selection
  • Preparation and agreement of contracts and orders for your signature
  • Preparing Health & Safety Risk Assessments
  • Similar related requirements

For these we usually charge on an hourly basis at a rate of between £40 and £75 per hour, depending on the level of skills and attention required.

Average Costs

On average you might expect the essentials needed for your project to take between 5 and 10 days equivalent, but spread over a longer period.  Again, the average cost for this is generally between £1,600 and £3,500

Individual Site Visits

... are charged on the same hourly basis, with a 25% reduction for the time of travel + travel costs

On Site Services

Unless yours is a very large project it will probably not be cost effective for you to have a Project / Contract Manager on site all the time. 

We therefore liaise with whoever you have appointed as your statutory Building Inspector, e.g. NHBC, LABC, etc., carry out intermittent quality, H&S, progress, etc. site inspections, provide telephone and site support to on-site trades and, as appropriate, issue certificates for you to make direct payments.  

Post Completion

We also take care of post completion inspections and release of any retentions that have been made at the appropriate time, in the same way.

Depending on building type, complexity extent and location, our fees for this work generally add between 5% and 8% of the aggregated cost of the building works, payable to us at the time you pay the individual supplier or contractor.

Satisfactory Completion

On Practical completion and acceptance of the project by you, you pay us a Satisfactory Completion fee of 1% of the total cost of works.

On finalisation of all post completion inspections and release of retentions you pay us a Terminal fee of 0.5% of the total cost of works. 

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