CDM 2007

Construction Design Management 2007 (CDM07)

Anyone who has a hand in the design and construction of a building must now ensure that it is safe during manufacture, storage, loading, transport, off-loading, site storage, erection, day to day use, maintenance, decommissioning and eventual demolition.

Quite a tall order, especially for the uninitiated!

What Does CDM07 mean for me?

"Thorough Communication will reduce time delays through ‘misunderstandings’, design changes, accidents, buildability issues and could save you money!"

Under the new Construction Design Management Regulations, if your are contemplating a project you should get all the key members of your team together and appoint a CDM Coordinator or a Project Coordinator at the earliest moment.

The CDM07 Regulations mean a new set of roles and responsibilities than under previous Health and Safety Regulations. The responsibilities that are now needed in order to be CDM07 Compliant differ for each member of your team and also for different types of project. The ‘who, what, when, where and how’ of effective Health & Safety management and planning can be complicated.

timbertecs will be pleased to help and advise you on how to handle this imposition and protect your interests and position ensuring that all your projects comply with current and future Construction Design Management Regulations.

CDM07 The regulations

CDM 1994 came into force on 31 March 1995 and was not widely welcomed at the time. After slow pick up, recognition and acceptance, particularly amongst Clients and Designers, it did change the way in which construction work was procured and delivered.

However, early concerns about complexity and bureaucracy and issues over the roles of designers, paperwork, planning supervisor and competence gave need for revision.

CDM’07 - launched April 2007 - has brought new roles and responsibilities to many duty holders with an aim to simplify the regulations to improve clarity and maximise their flexibility.

There is now a focus on planning and management not ‘The Plan and other paperwork. There is a stronger emphasis on the need for cooperation and coordination of activities and communication to encourage better integration.

The need for duty holder to be competent has been strengthened and assessment criteria outlined far more clearly in order to standardise the levels of competence throughout the industry. In Short the Construction Design Management Regulations 2007 will lead to:


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