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Timbertecs Construction Design Management Services

We are able to provide a CDM Coordinator Service to suit every type of project and which will assist you in any CDM duties you are taking on. We will also collect all the information you will need once the construction is complete.

The CDM Construction Phase Plan

Since the CDM07 regulations have come into force ALL construction work requires certain information to be recorded and stored so that the building can be used safely, it must also allow further design and construction work and the eventual decommissioning and demolition of the structure to be carried out safely.

Every project requires pre-construction information from you - as the client - mainly dealing with the ‘who, what, when and where’. This includes info on time scales, requirements relating to health & Safety on the project, safety hazards, health hazards, significant design and construction hazards and the Health & Safety File (where the project is notifiable).

This information is used to plan the works safely and helps the contractor construct the Construction Phase Plan that deals with the HOW of the safety.

If you have chosen to undertake the works yourself then YOU must construct the Construction Phase Plan! Even if yours is a ‘Non-notifiable’ or Domestic project.

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Timbertecs can help you create your plan for the construction phases.

We can assist you in the writing of the construction phase plan or just check it for you once you have written it. Where you are employing a contractor we can advise you on the suitability of his plan once he has provided it. This information should then be kept safely for the life of the building so it may be referred to when needed.

It is this information that also contributes to the Home Information Packs (implemented 1 August 2007). The proper collection and handling of this information at the time of construction can save time and money later on when you come to sell your property.

CDM07 Health & Safety File

On larger ‘notifiable’ projects a Health & Safety File must be produced. This is the culmination of the information that means the building can be used safely and allows further design and construction work and the eventual decommissioning and demolition to be carried out safely.

Your CDM Coordinator is responsible for the preparation of this File and handing it over to you once the construction is completed.

Your CDM Coordinator is your main source of guidance for ‘notifiable’ projects and holds other essential duties as well. Your CDM Coordinator is the lynch pin of your notifiable project, making sure that everyone is communicating and everyone has the information they need to carry out their duties and ensure the highest possible level of health and safety management.

See the coordinator service flow chart to see what has to be done

How can timbertecs help you comply with Construction Design Management 2007?

The main aims of our CDM and Project Coordination service are:

  • To provide the essential advice and guidance to you and your other project team members on compliance with the regulations and issues of competency
  • To work with you and your project team to ensure suitable arrangements are made and implemented on site for the Health & Safety of every member of the team, their workforce, any building users and members of the public
  • To collect format and distribute the Pre-construction Information to all members of the project team
  • To ensure designers comply with their duties
  • Prepare the Health & Safety File in the agreed format (for notifiable projects)

Timbertecs will tailor a service specifically for you and your project, from building extensions to multi property developments we will be able to help you manage the risks and ensure everyone is working together for a safer, healthier project.

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