Waste Consultancy

Virtually all businesses are affected by the environmental and financial impacts of producing and disposing of waste.

Legislation is also placing limits on the quantity and type of waste that can be disposed of in landfill and how and where some wastes can be disposed, particularly those deemed to be of a hazardous nature.

This legislation has forced us to become improved at minimising the amount of waste produced and encouraging recycling wherever possible. Through this process many companies have found ways of saving significant sums of money. But it isn't always easy to focus on this issue when you are trying to run a business at the same time. That is why at Timbertecs we offer research support, advice and contacts.

Ways in which we can help you turn these requirements to your advantage include:

·Identifying appropriate techniques and technologies for wasteminimisation

·Identifying areas for waste minimisation

·Identifying and advising on potential recycling and / or recovery options

·Providing contacts for alternative disposal routes and / or technologies

·Providing technical and research support to get ideas off the drawing board and into reality

Interested? For advice on how to engage TimberTecs specialists for the waste minimisation consultancy service, please click here.

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